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The Ultimate Team Building Challenge

Be a hero. Impress your boss. Save the world. All in a day’s work.

ERHQ offers a new, engaging, fun and challenging team building adventure for all ages and skill levels in a cool indoor controlled atmosphere.

Our adventures create shared experiences that will transport your team outside of their comfort zone. Through a series of unique obstacles and tasks, both leaders and followers will have to suggest concepts, listen to each other’s ideas, and collaborate in order solve the challenge.

You must use your powers of observation, critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and creative genius to think outside the box in order to solve unique obstacles and finish against the clock. The fate of the free world depends on you. You cannot get out of this alone.

Oh yeah…and we cater amazing BBQ.

Seriously, what’s not to like?

Group Events and Private Parties

Let us help you plan your next group event. Our Game Masters are experts at helping you create an event to be remembered. We offer a party / meeting room that can accommodate 24 at a time. Book a single adventure or rent the full facility for as long as you like. We can tailor an event package to your unique needs.

We offer catering by Fat Cow BBQ, winner of Best BBQ in Denton County for the past three years.


ERHQ is all about investing in our community. We offer a unique alternative to traditional fundraisers. Our adventures are a fun indoor activity that are great fun with no products to order, handle, track or distribute. It promotes teamwork, cognitive skills and communication while engaging all of your senses. No athletic ability is required and we offer flexible scheduling and plenty of parking. You will be opening doors by solving challenging puzzles instead of knocking on doors. Enjoy the experience while raising money for your group or charity. Everybody wins! You will have all of the fun and none of the hassle. (No cookie dough required.)

Talk to our experts. Relax. Have fun. Make money.

Group Bookings

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